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Animal Cattle Feed Supplement


100% natural feed supplement & growth promoter : Many synthetic, antibiotic, feed supplement and growth promoter are available in market to increase in Lactating animals which are not very safe. On continuous usage,cattle health is affected and milk from such animals is also harmful to human being.Such Antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) have been banned in almost all country.

After 8 year a on intensive research, a natural Herbal Extracts Composition along vital minerals and organic salts has been developed in house and presented as "ECOGOLD" BIOSHEERA. Being natural the product is 100% safe. It is economically beneficial to the farmer & positive result can be seen in very short period of time. The product has not only been tested in leading laboratories but also on lactating animals for efficacy and safety since last 8 year.

"ECOGOLD" BIOKSHEERA is currently only one Bio-Tech product in World.