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Crop Health

Farmers around the world have always had to deal with the twin issues of protection and nutrition while managing their crops. To ensure optimum growth and development of crops, it is essential that farmers are armed with the right agents. At Metro, we are committed to providing farmers around the world with the best products to boost their agricultural productivity. We have the capability and experience to provide crop protection and nutrition tailored to meet customer needs regardless of their geographical location.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products for crop protection, plant nutrition, fertilizers and allied products. These products are designed to improve production and provide complete protection while minimizing environmental impact and thereby adhering to the needs of sustainability as well. The resulting increase in productivity ensures that our customers are able to optimize crop growth while keeping their costs low thereby enjoying increased profitability.

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Crop Protection

From controlling weed growth to fighting various pests and diseases, our range of superior crop protection solutions incorporate products that are designed to fight the toughest crop inhibitors, in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Crop Nutrients

Nutrients play a critical role in crop growth and production. Insufficiency of critical nutrients can seriously hamper this growth. Our range of superior crop nutrients are design to meet the requirement thereby ensuring high yields on a sustained basis.

Soil Nutrients

Nutrient deficiency in the soil is caused by multiple factors ranging from environmental to geographical conditions. Our wide range of soil nutrient solutions provides farmers the ability to enhance the fertility of soil thereby optimizing plant growth.

Crop Science-Agrochemicals

At Metro, we have abundant experience in the sourcing and trading of agrochemicals. With a strong commitment towards quality and performance, we have over the years succeeded in enhancing our portfolio of agrochemical products, while ensuring improvement in quality on a sustained basis. Manufactured from high-grade materials, our products exhibit effective soil enhancing capabilities while their biodegradable characteristics make them environmentally friendly as well. We have the capability to deliver agrochemicals as per the specific needs and requirements of our customers worldwide.

Deltamethrin Tech

Propiconazole Tech

Chlorpyriphos Tech


Cypermethrin Tech


Permethrin Tech

Zinc Phosphide

Fenvalerate Tech

Aluminium Phosphide


This is an information list. Products will not be offered nor will be supplied to countries where concerned products are protected by Patents. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the product(s) requested are not covered by patent in their country.

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