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Hand Tools

We have developed a comprehensive range of hand tools for usage in varied environments. Developed as per industry-leading standards, this product range incorporates superior design and features. We work to continually develop tools with superior design and features that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of our customers. We provide tools that get the work done faster and easier and at the most competitive prices. Rugged and durable, our wide array of hand tools are available in various sizes and styles for residential and industrial usage. Precision engineered to provide the highest degree of accuracy; these ergonomic tools are designed to perform in all environments. Our hand tool product range includes Hammers, Spanners, Wrenches, Pliers, Lubricating Oil Cans, Grease Guns and Iron Plainers. These products come in many sizes, styles and finishes to accommodate every customer requirement.

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, our hand tools are built to last for years. Their durability also makes them highly cost-effective for our customers around the world.


We provide a diverse range of spanners with superior-grip features, and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles suited to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.


We provide high-quality and robust pliers that are used for a variety of activities like cutting, gripping, twisting as well as crimping.


We provide precision engineered wrenches for diverse applications ranging from automotive repair and maintenance to plumbing and other assembly tasks.


We offer a superior range of Files used for finishing surfaces in diverse environments. The superior finishing tools are highly durable and available in varied ranges of coarseness, sizes and shapes.

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