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With a vast product portfolio, we have over the years developed considerable expertise in packaging and specialize in chemical and pharma packaging. We source a wide range of bags for retail use. From strong PP & HDPE bags to environmentally friendly Jute bags, we develop packaging products in diverse styles and materials. From pet bottles, glass bottles, caps, cups, containers and collapsible tubes to vials, foils, stoppers and injection trays, we have the products to accommodate any requirement you would have in this sector. From identifying your exact packaging requirements, to sourcing the right machinery, installing and commissioning it, we aim to provide end-to-end solutions for all your packaging needs.


We provide PP & HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bags for packaging purposes. Reinforced with woven fabric, these bags have superior strength and are ideal for the packaging of diverse products. We also have the capability to deliver these bags as per the exact specifications of our customers including customised printing.


We source and deliver premium quality corrugated cartons for packaging applications across diverse industries. We have the expertise to deliver cartons in customised shapes and forms to suit every product application as required by our customers.

Jute Bags

We provide eco-friendly & completely bio-degradable jute bags that are designed to meet the storage and portability requirements of customers around the world.

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