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At Metro Exporters, we source and deliver veterinary products to our customers around the world. We provide a wide range of products ranging from veterinary pharmaceuticals to animal feed supplements and feed additives. 

At Metro, quality is the cornerstone of our operations and we are focused on providing superior quality products to our customers. Our commitment towards quality extends to our partners as well and only work with manufacturers with established quality standards. 

From superior packaging of products to timely delivery of products, our expertise in exports provides the right backbone to transport finished products from the factory to the customer. Our products are backed by requisite documentation and comply with all mandatory regulations. Working with a network of international logistics providers ensures that our shipments are always conveyed in a safe and timely manner. 

While we remain true to our commitment of developing products that are safe for animals and the environment, we also make a positive impact on farm animal production. Ensuring healthy animals provides the food industry with safe and nutritious supply while at a domestic level, our medicines ensure that pets and livestock live healthier lives.

We offer veterinarians, pet owners and animal welfare groups the broadest range of veterinary pharmaceuticals designed to aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals. Our wide range of animal feed products are designed to help ensure the health and welfare of livestock and poultry while maximizing productivity at the same time.

Halquinol in English

Halquinol in Spanish

Metox B



VET Probiotics


Water Soluble

ME Detoxizyme

Litter Disinfectant and Fumigant Powder

Livestock Medicines and Feed Additives

Poultry Houses Disinfectant.

At Metro Exporters, we have considerable experience in the sourcing and distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical products for pets, life stock, poultry and wildlife. From vitamins, antibiotics and hormonesí to various speciality drugs, we have the capability to deliver drugs for all veterinary requirements of our customers worldwide.

Animal Feed Supplements

At Metro, we have considerable expertise in providing animal feed supplements for diverse industries such as sea food, animal health, poultry, etc. Our superior feed supplements provide the vital competitive edge to our customers through reasonable pricing and exhaustive attention to quality.

Milk Growth Promoter

Poultry Feed Supplement

Aqua feed supplement


This is an information list. Products will not be offered nor will be supplied to countries where concerned products are protected by Patents. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the product(s) requested are not covered by patent in their country.

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