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Electrical & Electronics

At Metro, we design and develop an assorted range of products to provide, regulate and conserve energy – in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our energy products range from traditional forms such to cutting-edge alternative energy solutions such as solar power. At Metro, we recognize the importance of safety in energy products, and therefore we work hard to ensure that reliability and security are inbuilt into every power product we design and develop at our organisation. By following cutting-edge standards in the development and production of our energy products, we seek to deliver high productivity returns while lowering the environmental impact as well.

In an age of rising power demands and low power availability, clean and reliable power conditions are harder to maintain. Frequent power cuts, voltage fluctuations are all power problems that seriously hamper productivity and efficiency in households and commercial establishments. At Metro, we provide a complete line of power saving and power protection solutions for all environments and applications. Designed to perform in the rugged power conditions of India, these products are ideal for all markets.

Solar Modules

We source solar panels using Crystalline Solar Cells that are individually characterized and electronically matched prior to the inter-connection. Encapsulated beneath high transmission tempered UV resistant glass, these cells are resistant towards harsh weather, moisture and mechanical damage. They perform excellently for both DC loads and inverter equipped systems for AC loads. Our solar panels are certified as per IEC specifications and are manufactured under ISO 9001 certified conditions. 

Metro Solar Amorphous Module

Metro Solar Module Tech

Metro Solar Module Catalogue


Solar Products

Harnessing the power of solar energy, our range of solar water heaters are designed to provide heating solutions with minimal environmental impact and energy costs.

Home Lighting Home Power Series

Solar Garden Lights

Home Lighting-Model 1 6

Solar-Inverter 2kw 10kw 1PH

Home Lighting Model 7 10

Solar Inverter 10kw 100kw

Home Lighting Sun home

Solar Sine Wave Inverter

Led Home Light

Solar Sine Wave Tech

Solar Charge Controller 12v

Solar Lantern

Solar Charge Controller 120

Solar Home Light

Solar Fencing

Solar oven

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Solar Power Plant

Solar Street Lights

Solar Flat Plate Collector

Solar Water Heating Systems



We have a complete range of inverters and allied electronic components for domestic usage. These highly reliable inverters ensure that in the event of power outages, our customers are able to continue normal life by receiving clean and safe power for all appliances.

Online UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Every commercial establishment today requires the guarantee of uninterruptible supply of clean and safe power at all times. Power outages and downtimes can hamper productivity, while voltage fluctuations can damage electronic devices especially computing devices. At Metro, we provide highly reliable and safe UPS products for commercial and industrial usage.


We provide dependable and high-performing batteries to provide power back-up and support to alternative power generating devices such as UPS, inverters & generators.

Battery SMF (Sealed maintenance free) (7.5 - 200aH 12V)

Battery MF (Maintenance Free)

Tubular Batteries (7.5 - 200aH 12V)

Automotive Batteries

Battery Charger

Battery Equalizers

VRLA (Valve Regulated Acids)


Lighting Solutions

We provide low-cost and eco-friendly lighting solutions for residential and commercial purposes. With inventive designs, we devise energy-efficient lighting solutions that are not only lighting up homes and offices, but doing so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Power Generators

We provide a wide range of generator sets for alternative power supply. These units are ideal for rugged use and provide continuous power supply in the event of power outages and ensure optimal uptimes for commercial establishments.

At Metro we are committed to providing products that enable healthcare providers worldwide with tools to improve the lives of people. We have the capability to deliver medical devices that deal with various ailments and medical conditions. We provide medical products that enable better prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of medical disorders, thereby transforming the lives of people for the better, all the time.


Laser Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy


Shortwave Diathermy 250w & 500 W

Continuous Passive Motion (C.P.M)

Long wave Diathermy

Vacuum Therapy

Combination Therapy


Wind Power Mills

Over the years since our establishment, we have always worked at developing our portfolio to include innovative products and services. Alternative energy sources such as wind turbines are an example of this effort. Engineered from carbon fiber composites, these turbines have an operating life of over 20 years.

Automatic Voltage Controller

Automtic Voltage Controller resolves 99% of voltage problems automatically, and ensures steady voltage supply round the clock.

AVC not only stabilizes incoming voltage flucations, but in the process also helps save energy upto 30% and reduce breakdowns upto 80%. It ensures, continuity in production and consistency in quality despite incoming voltage variations. Owing to its high efficiency and associated benefits, the pay-back period for the cost of our AVC is typically between 6 to 18 months, depending upon the nature and duration of load and the extent of voltage variation. And more often than not, it is simply avoiding a few hours of machine downtime or just one failure to recover the cost of the quipment.

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