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At Metro, we have established a strong reputation in the supply and export of food products to customers in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Our bakery and confectionery products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality as required by our customers worldwide. Our food products are designed to satisfy the requirements of every taste and the palate of customers across the globe. 

We are always focused on delivering products of the highest quality and visual appeal to our customers. Our considerable experience in sourcing provides us the capability to tailor our products as per the local needs of our customers. Our manufacturers also maintain a distinct focus on innovation in our products, experimenting with new flavours, colours and shapes all the time.

This commitment to excellence and quality has earned us the loyalty and goodwill of our customers worldwide.


From exquisite confections to accompany afternoon teas, to wholesome cookies, chocolate candies, mints and other hardboiled sweets and toffees, our range of confectionery products have earned loyal customers around the world.


From the purely nutritional, plain and salted to biscuits that celebrate luxurious taste, we provide a wide and assorted range of biscuits in diverse tastes, shapes and styles.

Cracker Biscuits

Cream Biscuits

Glucose Biscuits

Nice Biscuits

Wafer Biscuits



Wheat Flour

We provide enriched, all-purpose wheat flour, used as a vital baking ingredient by customers worldwide. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, our wheat flour exhibits excellent strength and mixing properties making it ideal for cooking.

Powder Drinks

We provide instant drink mixes in powder form in a wide range of fruit flavours and assorted pack sizes. Rich in Vitamin C and enriched with sweeteners, these drinks provide the real taste of fresh fruit, while also being rich in nutritional content as well.

Herbal & Citrus Products

We offer a complete range of herbal and citrus products ranging from dehydrated fruits and vegetables, citrus pectin, dried lime peel, washed and spray dried powders and allied food ingredients. These products find wide application in diverse industries such as food, pharma, dairy, beverage and food processing. From sourcing of raw materials to packaging, we ensure that product are delivered to customers in a safe and hygienic manner.


We source and provide diverse varieties rice including world-renowned Basmati rice of and have the capability to provide it in bulk quantities.

• Indian IR – 8 Non Basmati Rice
• 1121 White Sella Basmati Rice
• Pusa Parboiled Basmati Rice
• 1121 Basmati Parboiled Rice (Golden)
• Indian IR – 64 Parboiled Rice

Soyabean Meal

We provide our clients with highly nutritious and fresh Soya Bean Meal, which has been certified by international bodies for import of cattle-feed application. We have the best expertise using the cutting edge technology we are able to deliver high quality Soya bean meal.

• Protein : Basis 46 to 48% Minimum
• Moisture : Basis 12.00% Maximum
• Fiber : Basis 6.00% Maximum
• Sand/Silica : Basis 2.00% Maximum
• Urease Activity : Basis 0.30 Mg N2/gm/Max (at 30 Degree C By Old Eec Method)

• Free from castor seed or castor seed husk
• Inspection by SGS before shipment
• In container loads with 50kgs bags

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