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Agriculture Equipment
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Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture is an indelible part of the Indian economy. As an organisation committed to the progress of the nation’s economy, we have been developing the tools and equipment required by farmers and agriculturists to increase the efficiency and quality of crop production. This strong association with agricultural development in India has also helped us develop the expertise to develop and export agricultural equipment that is now meeting the needs of farmers in other countries around the world. We provide the most innovative equipment solutions for all types of farming operations. While doing so, we design and source equipment keeping in mind local requirements. From picks and beaters, hoes and axes to advanced drip irrigation systems, our wide range of agricultural equipment is helping to make farms across the world more productive and our customers more happier.

Diesel Engines

We provide high-quality diesel engines for agricultural applications. Designed for continuous running, these engines are of robust build and easy to maintain, delivering the highest levels of performance in the toughest of conditions.

Grinding Mills

We source a stellar range of grinding machinery that are easy to install and operate and are suited to the varied needs of customers from around the world.

Threshers & Shellers

We source threshers and shellers for use with a wide range of crops and seeds and can be customized to meet the varying requirements of our customers worldwide.

Oil Extraction Mills

We design and source a wide range of equipment to power the processes of oil extraction from seeds, plants and vegetables.

Water Pumps

We source a wide range of mechanical water pumps that are designed to provide efficient access to water for agricultural and commercial applications in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Hand Pumps

We source robust hand powered pumps that ensure clean and safe access to water for people in economically backward regions of the world.

Rice Huller & Parts

We source tough and durable rice hullers for the preparation of edible rice. These robust machines are highly reliable and designed to maximize the speed of shelling paddy.

Knapsack Sprayer

We provide highly durable knapsack sprayers. This lightweight highly functional sprayer is designed to be durable while providing the maximum economy of spray liquids. 

Diesel Engine Parts

We provide a complete range of spares and parts for diesel engines used in applications such as agriculture etc. Engineered to ensure compatibility and ease of replacement, these parts ensure that our customers are able to maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency on a sustained basis.

Connecting Rod Bearing

Idler Gear

Taper Roller Bearings

Inlet & Exhaust Valves

Connecting Rod

Valve Guide

Crank Shaft

Cylinder Head Gasket

Crank Gear

Piston & Piston Ring Set

Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head  & Cam Shaft


Agricultural Implements

We provide a fine range of agricultural implements such as tanged hoes, round eyed hoes and many more. Engineered from premium grade metal, these tools are ideal for farming applications such as long- weeding and soil breaking, on all kinds of soil.

Tanged Hoe

Round Eye Hoe


Seed Drill

  • Agricultural Implements
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